About Us

Your partner in Mining and Construction.

About Sax

Sax Industries has been operating since 2016, and have a growing list of projects completed as the preferred supplier with clients nationally.

Founded as Sax Industries by Zallman Saxby, our company has grown to become successful in the mining and construction industry with an outstanding reputation for delivering safe, cost effective and reliable project outcomes.

Sax Industries is 110% committed to safety and continually strive for zero harm to our people, equipment, and the environment. We pride ourselves with having the ability to comply with all onsite health & safety regulations.

Our Core Values


Sax Industries would not mean excellence without teamwork as. We strive by sharing the knowlegde we learn, as you are only as strong as your teammates.


There’s no place like home, at Sax Industries, we ensure our safety procedures are above average to ensure all of our employees continue to make it home safe every night.


We challenge ourselves on improving and advancing to be and make a difference. Our endeavor is to lead the way within the industry.

Honesty & Integrity

We pride ourselves with intent listening, openiness and holding our ethical standards to a very high level. We understand the loyalty that is required to be held with business relationships and take our resposibility and accountabilty seriously.

Constant Educational Growth

We always seek to be the most knowledgeable verison of ourselves by staying innovative, improving our skills and staying algined to progression with in our industry.

Why Choose Sax Industries?


Our operation on all projects is with a personal, one-on-one approach. We don't just assist with the building of your project, we build strong relationships based on trust, honesty, reliability, quality and peace of mind.

Quality Control

We work within strict guidelines and have an intensive QA process both on-site and externally to ensure your products and services are to a high standard and are accurately made to fit.

Skilled Labour

We prefer quality over quantity when it comes to our employees and ensure the Sax Industries team understand every client's needs to guarantee every project or service completed is done safely and to our high quality standard.

We Understand

We are very understanding the problems faced in our industry. An objective of ours is to establish a good understanding with our clients and assure that we are here to help make their lives easier while still delivering excellent product outcomes.